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Created: Mon Nov 25 16:30:03 2013
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Started: Thu Nov 27 22:39:37 2014
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Closed: Thu Nov 27 22:39:37 2014
Updated: Thu Nov 27 22:39:37 2014 by Matt Caswell

CC:, Dominik Oepen <>, Annie Yousar <>, "Ingo@Pyrillion" <>
Subject: Brainpool Elliptic Curves in OpenSSL version 1.0.2 - Re: #2239: [PATCH] RFC 5639 support
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2013 17:12:45 +0100
From: David von Oheimb <>
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Hello OpenSSL team,

patches extending OpenSSL's built-in set of EC curves by the Brainpool
curves (see RFC 5639) have been around since 2010 - see for instance

Pleased to see that finally, three years later, they have been included
in the upcoming version 1.0.2. - I have been able to verify this from

In particular since the usual NIST curves got under pressure recently:
it is important to have some less debatable alternatives available for
general use ASAP. When can we expect version 1.0.2 to be released?

BTW, I successfully applied to both openssl-1.0.1c and 1.0.1e the .
When using it to cross-compile for Windows under Linux using the
ms/ script, the dependencies of
crypto/objects/obj_dat.h and crypto/objects/obj_dat.c on
crypto/objects/obj_mac.h are not properly reflected.
As a workaround to this problem, I inserted between the lines

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> echo Building the libraries
> make -f ms/mingw32-cross.mak CROSS=${CROSS}

the extra two lines

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> make crypto/objects/obj_dat.h
> if [ crypto/objects/obj_dat.h -nt crypto/objects/obj_dat.c ]; then touch crypto/objects/obj_dat.c; fi

How does one cross-compile OpenSSL v1.0.2 for 32-bit Windows under
Linux? Both ./Configure Cygwin and ./Configure mingw
lead to various errors with 'make depend'.

Best regards
David von Oheimb
Not a bug. If there are still issues please direct questions to the openssl-users list.

Closing this ticket.